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Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) is an annual scientific based convention that serves as a catalyst for young aspiring medical students from Asia and Oceania to debate on current issues in the world of medicine. Malaysia is proud to host the 26th AMSC with the theme “Technology in Medicine: Embracing the Progress, Serving the People”. We hope to attract more than 400 medical students from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand to this once in a lifetime experience.


Among the interesting topics in the battle of wits among member countries are the pros and cons of technology in medicine, its applications and practicability to the population, and not forgetting the availability of sophisticated technologies amongst rural citizens.

Are doctors being too complacent and over dependant on latest machines to achieve certain diagnosis and management? Does technology in parallel with better health care, thus improving the health and modifying the lifestyle of general population towards the better? And another intriguing question, what’s next for the future? These are just some hot topics waiting for our discovery.


A week with talented medical students from all walks of life is a challenging task as participants try to get acclimatized to new environment, new friends, and compete with one another to present their research papers in the hope of winning the hearts of many.

Undoubtedly, all work and no fun make AMSC a dull event. So, participants are also exposed to the cultures and traditions of various member countries through exciting cultural and social programs. AMSC not only broaden our horizons but it also fosters mutual understanding and builds closer friendships. Eventually, this network serves as a support group for medical students to exchange their views and as a stepping stone for future partnerships in any medical programs.


Being a doctor isn’t just wearing the dazzling white coat with the sophisticated stethoscope, it’s also reaching out to the unfortunate in the spirit of humanity. This aspect of human touch is part of the holistic approach that aims to nurture caring doctors who think beyond their textbooks and profits, serving mankind with dignity and honour.

Here in AMSC, we create an avenue for participants to appreciate the science as well as the art of medicine.


Hope to see you in Malaysia 2005!

What a day it has been.....

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